Rise up against the colonialist terror! Defend the revolution!

The turkish fascist state attacs targets in Rojava for several days now, first in Kobanê, then in Girêspî and alludes to a colonialist attac against the revolution. This attac of the colonialist states with russian support is being prepared for several weeks now.

At last Merkel and Macron as well agreed to the attac with the condition that Erdogan does the dirty work in Idlib.

After Efrîn, the east of Euphrat, the cradle of the revolution, and its symbol Kobanê, do also serve as the targets of the colonialists. They are probably going to try to separate the cantons with an occupation of Girêspî and, by this, to squeeze all the breath out of the revolution.

Rojava offers a solution to the oppressed in the Middle East, in the midst of the bourgeouis unsolvability. It has transformed itself into the peak of the revolution in the Middle East and into a basis of the world revolution. Uncounted youths from all the parts of the world came to Rojava in order to defend this achievement.

The EU has placed itself at the side of the colonialists against the revolution. Merkel and the german state are war parties in Syria. They declared Rojava in Istanbul war.

Rise up against the colonialist terror and the war support of the EU!

Let‘s defend the revolution!


Young Struggle