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Attacks on Rojava and our duty as young people in Europe

The fascist Turkish state is repeatedly attacking specific villages, hospitals and other critical infrastructure in Rojava and throughout Kurdistan.
The peoples of Rojava, like the peoples of Palestine, are facing a relentless war of colonial occupation. Updating its historical Israeli-style colonialism and adopting the forbidden war methods of Zionism, the colonialist, fascist Turkish state is taking its colonial occupation war against the peoples of Rojava to a new stage. Hakan Fidan, the former head of MIT and the new unofficial war minister of Turkish colonialism, announced to the world that they will target infrastructure and construction in Rojava. The colonial fascist regime is targeting infrastructure and people in Rojava. The occupiers’ continuous attacks on the people of Rojava, expanding their attacks on infrastructure and superstructure, means targeting the civilian population and committing war crimes unhindered.
However, it does not mean that the occupiers have achieved their goal. They are trying to break our hope with these attacks, but we see that they have not been able to break our hope for years. For years the Rojava revolution has been defended. The brave guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan show us that they will continue the armed struggle until the liberation of Kurdistan.

What is our task as youth in Europe?

We must expose and fight Turkish fascism and its partners in Europe: A large part of Turkish capital is located in Europe. Turkish fascists are organized through associations, mosques and various organizations. Various parties in Europe, even if they present a progressive face, shamelessly make deals with fascist regimes like Turkey, sustaining them with financial and political support. If we want to strike a blow against fascism, we need to start here!
We must also actively fight against the fascist and imperialist policies of partition here and unite the international and Kurdish youth for revolutionary struggle: We must defend the liberation struggles of Palestine and Kurdistan against the hypocritical policy of the imperialists. We must offer a concrete perspective to the many young people who have come from Kurdistan and especially Rojava in recent years, so that they do not lose hope and organize together for the liberation of Kurdistan in Europe.
If someone asks today, in a generation shaped by environmental destruction, war, depression and a competitive society, if there is anything that can still give us hope for our future, the answer is clear: Rojava’s revolution is showing us every day that a new society is not a pipe dream, but can be concretely won. The peoples of Rojava have given us an example, a hope, a perspective for our future. Comrades like Özgür and Ivana have defended this hope with their lives.We owe it to them and to ourselves to contribute to the defense of this future.
Erdogan, Netanyahu, Aliyev, the Iranian mullahs, the leaders of the US war machine, can and must be defeated by raising the independent struggles of the peoples, and genocide can and must be consigned to the dustbin of history.
Biji berxwedana Rojava!