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Freedom for all political prisoners!

A year has passed since the MI5 backed by the British state forces conducted a large-scale operation against socialist und republican party Saoradh. Their Homes and party headquarters were searched by police. 9 party members alongside Palestinian activist Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat were put in jail and trafficked to England. They are being accused of being members of or supporting the “New IRA”. On Wednesday 13th October 2021 the trial against Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat continues. The operation ́s goal was to weaken republican forces still fighting for the independence and a socialist Republic of the whole of Ireland through a series of repressions.
The German state also attempts to weaken its revolutionary left. This same Wednesday two antifascists under the names of “Jo” and “Dy” were sentenced to 4 years and 8 months and 5 years and 6 months for supposedly being a part of a dispute with fascist members of the far-right union „Zentrum Automobil“ in 2020. The verdict is grounded solely in the statements of fascists and indications of police. This once again shows the willpower of the state ́s judiciary system to criminalise the revolutionary left and in particular the militant antifascists without any concrete evidence. The same development can be observed during the trial of Lina and the whole of “Antifa Ost” (an antifascist group in Eastern Germany). In Linas case, she supposedly violently attacked multiple Nazis on different occasions. The evidence for this accusation is a wig, a hammer and a second phone which has the Signal app installed on it. The increasing repressions against the revolutionary left are an expression of the existential crisis in which capitalism exists and the
currently developing economic crisis as a result of said system.

The British state’s action against Saoradh is also an expression of this crisis. Contrary to Britain´s colonial interest however the Good Friday Agreement could not crush Irish republicanism. Instead, especially in recent times, the sentiment has only grown stronger, which again highlights the depth of Britain ́s current crisis and talks of a united Irish Republic seem to have been moved into the distance. Unemployment in Irish neighbourhoods has been extraordinarily high since Brexit and Irish teenagers predominantly from said republican neighbourhoods face repression when being stopped and searched by the PSNI. All of these examples are reason enough to say the establishment of a socialist Irish Republic is very much necessary in order to liberate Irish people from exploitation, poverty and oppression. The imprisonment of Dr Issam Hijjawi Bassalat is part of British imperialist cooperation with the Zionist colonial state Israel. Britain is making itself an accessory to Israel by oppressing and exploiting the Palestinian people and even persecutes them at home. Activists like Dr Issam Hijjawi Bassalat who are fighting for a free Palestine, for a life without oppression and exploitation are a perfect example of this. British imperialism is clearly demonstrating that it needs the Zionist state as a bridge to the Middle East and Asia, which is why it is in full support of the persecution of Palestinian resistance.

This approach can also be seen in Germany. There it is the persecution of Kurdish and Turkish revolutionaries who face persecution by state authorities above all else. It is in Germany ́s interest for Turkey to remain domestically stable, so it can represent its imperialist interests in the Middle East. Take the refugee agreement with Turkey for example: millions of refugees, who are forced to leave their homes due to imperialist wars or exploitation are kept away from the EU’s external borders by Turkey ́s fascist state. This has recently been demonstrated by repeatedly new cases against Kurdish activists on charges of supposed PKK membership, or in the proceedings against alleged members of the TKP/ML. These cases often result in prison sentences of several years, even though the defendants have not committed any serious crimes, but only sympathise or support a certain organisation. Everywhere, be it in Germany or Britain, the state uses one means above all to criminalise revolutionary struggle. Taking away any political aspect of the accused party whether it be an organisation or a singular person. Instead, in painful attempts they are being criminalised and branded under the threat of terrorism when in reality they are the ones fighting against oppression and exploitation of imperialist NATO states. In Northern Ireland in the past, it was the IRA being targeted, now the same is happening to the “New IRA”. The PFLP in Palestine, the PKK, MLKP or TKP/ML in Turkey and Kurdistan. In addition to this, there are also attempts to nip all resistance in the bud by the governments of the respective countries these organisations operate in. This occurs in an attempt to counter any potential of proletarian internationalism between revolutionary movements in one and the same or other countries.

Solidarity with political prisoners in these times is therefore not one that should be isolated to one’s own country. Particularly at a time when capitalism and with it the imperialist system is in a deep crisis, we should, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism, extend our hand to all political prisoners everywhere in the world because they are fighting against oppression and exploitation for us all. Because it is them who are advancing in the crucial struggles. In a violent system of oppression and exploitation they are ready to use all means necessary for the liberation of humanity. Be it the struggle of colonial oppression in Ireland, Palestine or Kurdistan, which can only be won by using all means of struggle, including armed struggle. Be it the militant struggle against fascists, so that they will never dare to take to the streets again, as Jo, Dy and Lina demonstrated. Be it the 9 political prisoners of Saoradh, the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Zionist prisons in Israel and abroad, like Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat. Be it the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries who are imprisoned in Turkey, but also in Germany.

Therefore, let’s fight for the freedom of revolutionary political prisoners all over the world, since
they are the ones showing us the way to all our freedom.

Freedom for all political prisoners!

Freedom for antifascists Jo and Dy!

Freedom for the Saoradh 9 and Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat!