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Who we are

Who we are and what we want

Capitalism is in its deepest crisis yet. We live in a world of towering wealth, as the masses live and die in its shadow. Obesity and starvation, homelessness and mass incarceration, addiction and illiteracy, technological progress and cultural decay plague even the richest countries. Life expectancy is falling; hard-won gains in housing, education and healthcare are being clawed back; the working class looks at automation not with hope, but with fear that their labour will soon be obsolete. Global elites bicker amongst themselves while environmental catastrophe looms on the horizon.

What is wealth if humanity does not gain by it? What is progress if it threatens our very existence? Capitalism is a sick joke with no punchline, and the ruling class is no longer fit to rule. It may seem that the revolution is a world away; but already in Rojava, in Gezi, in XR, BLM and the gilets jaunes, we have caught glimpses of the coming struggle – people are waking up.

Only the communist youth can light humanity’s path. All over the world, young people are taking to the streets against imperialism and fascism, patriarchy and war. Be it on education, industrial action or antifascism; fighting rent hikes in our cities or opposing the destruction of nature – we reject the ruling minority which profits from the suffering of the masses, and organise for freedom. We want change!

Throughout history to the present day, young people have played a vital and militant role as a dynamic force in all popular struggles and upheavals. We mobilise against G7 and NATO summits, where rulers decide the fate of the oppressed behind closed doors. We organise against imperialist war, fighting capitalism and its ideology with direct action and education.


Under capitalism we are constantly presented with false divisions. Racism and discrimination divide our society, putting up walls between working people; these are the battlements of Fortress Europe, which leaves thousands to die at its borders. We will tear them down. Even if we share no common language and come from all the diverse corners of the world, we have something in common: capitalism has nothing to offer us.

The Rojava revolution, springing from messy imperialist war in the Middle East, became a beacon of hope for the world’s oppressed. It showed the youth of Europe that another world was possible, and that world was worth fighting for. It was in defence of that new hope that antifascist international volunteers, like our own young member Ivana Hoffman, gave their lives. We remember their heroic sacrifices. We fight in their name.

As young women, self-organisation is a crucial step to our liberation. Women’s oppression has many faces, and is reflected in all aspects of our lives. Be it through everyday sexism, domestic violence or unequal opportunities and pay, we condemn any system which treats us as second class citizens. Patriarchal structures, attitudes and ideas are directly related to capitalism and class struggle – but this doesn’t mean we should put women’s liberation on hold until after the revolution. Sexism is deeply entrenched in our society, and we must begin immediately to develop a liberatory consciousness to fight it. We promote young women to fight against gender roles, and for self-determination and freedom in every aspect of life and political organising. We fight with the knowledge that no socialist revolution can succeed without the women’s revolution!


We believe in a better, brighter world, with equal opportunity for all. We believe in a future where we can encourage our talents, explore our interests and realise our full potential; a future where education and science are developed in the interests of society and made accessible to all; a future which isn’t defined by unemployment, exclusion, ignorance and hate, where we aren’t prey to a system which despises and exploits us; where we can share our fortunes, live in solidarity, and stand tall for the principles of justice and peace.

It is the task of young people to carry on our shoulders all of suffering humanity, and forge this brighter world together.